Seva, Sushasan and Garib Kalyan

Seva, Sushasan and Garib Kalyan

The Government led by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has completed eight years of ‘Seva, Sushasan and Garib Kalyan’.

Under the leadership of PM Modi, there has been a paradigm shift towards people-centric governance in these past 8 years. There have been numerous structural transformations, which cover every sector of our society and economy. These 8 years have seen India rising and cementing its position as one of the strongest and most resilient countries in the world.

India is now steadily embarking on the path to becoming a superpower where its voice is heard and respected, where it is seen as an equal partner.

We are now truly unlocking the potential of India and creating a developed and prosperous nation for our future generations.

Join us in celebrating the last 8 years, with a bird’s-eye-view of achievements in every sector.

Join us in celebrating the New India!

Infographics Quick look at last 8 year's highlights

Infra at Scale and Speed Hindi
Tech-Powered India Hindi
Tech-Powered India English
Serving the Poor and Marginalised Hindi
Serving the Poor and Marginalised English
Northeast – a Growth Engine Hindi
Northeast – a Growth Engine English
National Security and Foreign Policy Hindi

Big Picture Highlights of 8 Years of Government Achievements


Videos Watch the last 8 years come alive!